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Content Marketing, Engagement, Social Media, Audience Interests, Customer behavior Apr 22, 2015

Brands that understand that real Engagement Is emotional and Non-transactional will have a Big advantage.

Welcome to Emotional Social Media!

Some brands are failing to attract audiences and for the most part, keep them interested in social channels over time. On the other hand, many marketers invest a lot of effort deciphering and mastering the peculiarities of Social Media, in comparison to the time they dedicate to understanding the public they are addressing more in depth. Is there a relationship between these two?

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Job, Job Offering Apr 21, 2015

Socialmetrix está buscando un Analista Administrativo Financiero Junior, no se requiere experiencia laboral, recién graduados son bienvenidos a aplicar!

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Social Media Listening, Trends, Audience Interests, Consumer goods Apr 20, 2015

"To know how to speak it is necessary to know how to listen"
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Social Media Listening, Facebook, Fanpages, API, Facebook Search Apr 16, 2015

Is it the end of listening on Facebook?

You must have surely read or heard about this in a blog, forum or specialized website, but since the topic is still making lots of noise among marketing professionals, community managers and agencies, we decided to address it and explain it in a clear and objective way.

Facebook announced a change in its API that will directly involve the discontinuity of monitoring public walls, i.e., public updates of users. This means that as of May 1, 2015 all Social Media Listening platforms will not be able to capture comments and public interactions generated in personal walls of users. Yes, even though they are posted as “public”.

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Social Media Analytics, Facebook, Fanpages Apr 15, 2015

If you manage a Facebook Fan Page, you must have noticed a slight decrease in the total of your fans. This is because Facebook have begun to remove likes from the accounts deactivated by their users, as well as from commemorative accounts, i.e. accounts of users who passed away and whose relatives or friends have requested Facebook to change their status to that category.

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Marketing, Social Media Analytics, Webinar Mar 09, 2015

El desafío de construir una estrategia de Marketing, en Social Media, basada en objetivos "cross company"

Fecha: Martes 17 de marzo 
Hora: 15hs 
AR, Buenos Aires [UTC/GMT -3 horas] 

Regístrate aquí

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Technology, Social Media, Product, Data Visualization, Facebook Feb 12, 2015

Since January 24th, the Facebook Insights API has presented an error response when we try to get the amount of fans from global pages reported for each country on Global Pages. 

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Social Media, Industry Studies, Online Marketing, Marketing Strategies Feb 12, 2015

Arcor Group is the leading food company in Argentina, the world’s leading producer of candy, the main exporter of sweets from Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru, and in partnership with the Danone Group, one of the largest cookies, alfajores and cereal companies in Latin America.

Arcor is constantly innovating, and over the years has built a strong trust with consumers, especially in South America. Its solid growth and penetration into different countries, both in and outside of South America, present the challenge of meeting the needs of those markets through informed andpersonalized marketing strategies.

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Monitoring Social Media, Listening Nov 26, 2014

In April, 2007, two of the world's largest trade fair promoters merged to form Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado. It was the result of a joint venture between Reed Exhibitions, which has been in Brazil since 1997, and Alcantara Machado Feiras de Nogócios, which was founded in 1956. Among the first of its fairs was the Mecânica Fair of 1959, and the Automobile Trade Show of 1960.

Reed Exhibitions Alcantara Machado currently organizes 40 business fairs throughout Brazil, each of which involves events from the most diverse of industry segments. The promoter's objectives include providing exhibitors and their customers with the opportunity to increase their business, to bring international buyers to Brazil, and to arrange new partnerships.

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Brand reputation, Listening, Marketing Campaign, Customer Service Nov 17, 2014

There are different reasons as to why it is important to listen to customers and interest groups in social networks, and each one of them has its own individual level of importance that is linked to the business objective of each brand or industry. We have identified 3 major ways of listening that are common in different industries.

In this post we will talking about reactive listening as an one of the ways of Social Media Listening and your best practices (you can also read the full report here), within this field, the following practices are currently highlighted:

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